Salem Radiology Consultants Offers the Lowest CT Radiation Dose in the Region

Salem Radiology Consultants Offers the Lowest CT Radiation Dose in the Region

A CT (computed tomography) scan is a non-invasive test that helps doctors diagnose and treat a variety of medical conditions. A CT takes multiple detailed pictures (“slices”) of the inside of the body using a sophisticated x-ray machine and transfers those images to a computer. The computer then arranges the images so they can be viewed from different directions and angles, as well as rotated in a three-dimensional model (3D). To obtain the CT scan, the patient lies down on a table that is programmed to slowly slide through a donut-shaped machine. The procedure is painless, but you will hear clicking and whirring sounds as the machine rotates around you.

In some exams, a dye or contrast material is used because it makes the blood vessels or organs easier to see in the pictures. The dye may be injected or swallowed, depending on the type of scan.

Insist on the Low-Dose Option

There are long-term radiation exposure risks from CT that can be substantially diminished by the low-dose CT technology now available at Salem Radiology Consultants.  SRC’s state-of-the art scanner is the only CT machine in the mid-Willamette Valley using this new and improved technology.

A literal “head to head” comparison study of CT radiation doses among local medical imaging facilities clearly demonstrates SRC has the highest quality and lowest CT radiation in the region.



Salem Radiology is the only facility offering ultra-low dose ASiR technology, which significantly reduces radiation exposure to patients.

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