What is Diagnostic Radiology?

What is Diagnostic Radiology?

Chances are you’ve heard of radiology which is the science that deals with X-rays and other medical technology that uses high-energy radiation to diagnose and/or treat disease. Not as many people are familiar with the concept of diagnostic radiology though. The word diagnostic simply means the practice or techniques of diagnosis. The term diagnostic radiology refers to a variety of methods that use non-invasive techniques to help identify or monitor diseases.

A variety of tests can be performed using equipment that often involves low doses of radiation. These tests create highly detailed images of areas of the body that are more difficult to diagnose without using diagnostic radiology. This allows the doctors to make a more accurate diagnosis using these detailed images and eliminates the guesswork that is sometimes a result of not being able to see such detail.

The science of diagnostic radiology can be used to identify many different medical conditions including heart conditions, blood clots, broken bones, gastrointestinal conditions, and more. Medical professionals can also utilize diagnostic radiology to monitor how your body responds to a treatment you are currently undergoing. The technology is also used to screen for certain diseases like breast or colon cancer.

There are different types of machines used in diagnostic radiology, but the most common include:

  • X-ray machine – Utilizes X-rays which are a type of electromagnetic radiation and produces images of the interior of your body without any incisions being made.
  • CT scanner – This machine utilizes X-ray equipment and creates a sequence of cross-sectional images of your body. This procedure is more common when the doctor requires highly detailed images.
  • MRI machine – This machine utilizes a magnetic field and produces images of the inside of your body. It’s most often used for bones or other areas of the body that CT scanners are not as effective on.

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